Acacia Grove Health Education Centre

Relax, Revitilise, Restore life's balance.

acasia grove

Acacia Grove Health Education Centre is an organic farm, a health retreat and an education centre.

An easy 30 minute drive from Townsville, Acacia Grove Health Education Centre is nestled in a valley at the top of Hervey Range.

Far removed from the influences of television and radio, the pressures of work and a hectic lifestyle, you will find Acacia Grove the ideal retreat to relax and balance your body and mind and spirit.

At the Centre you will learn how to regain your sense of well-being. In addition, the program at Acacia Grove is designed so you can learn to maintain this sense of well being during day to day living.

The health retreat/lifestyle centre has its own organic fruit trees and herb and vegetable gardens grown in virgin soil. No chemicals or artificial fertilisers have ever been used and there is no commercial agriculture in the area.

The Health Retreat Program:

Consultation to personalise program Detoxify and cleanse Health lectures
Stop Smoking program Massage Juices
Weight loss program Hydrotherapy Herb teas
Stress program Exercise Delicious nutritious food
Cancer support Rest & Relaxation techniques Vegetarian cooking classes

Contact Acaicia Grove Health Education Centre

map 1 Fryers Road,
Hervey Range,
North Qld 4817

Phone:  +61 7 4778 0000
Mobile:   0458 536 115

Arrival: 12.00 noon Sunday    Departure: 10am Friday.

We will also be offering 10 day programs in 2016 Transport is available, by arrangement, from Airport, Bus Transit Centre, or Railway Station. There is no Public Transport to Herveys Range.

By car: 30 minutes from Willows Shopping Centre on Herveys Range road to Fryers Road (all sealed roads)

The cost of a one day program will be $140, per person, (includes GST).

The cost of a five day program will be $1,500, per person, (includes GST).

The cost of a ten day program will be $3,000, per person, (includes GST).

Costs may be subject to change.

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Driveway Grounds House
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Guests enjoying breakfast. Organic Permaculture Orchard Organic Vegetable Garden
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Single, Double, Queen and King size beds available. Rooms open to spacious country verandah. Hydrotherapy Room Massage Room